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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
paternity DNA test toronto ontario
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paternty DNA testing toronto
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Forensic Genetics Center offers a conclusive, confidential and rapid infidelity test to help you resolve any suspicions regarding a partner's possible infidelity. This test gives our clients the peace-of-mind that they deserve by providing them with answers based on irrefutable genetic evidence.

Our DNA infidelity test exposes a suspect of infidelity by identifying the presence of any foreign DNA (male or female) deposited on a stain or within a sample that you might want to analyze. Forensic Genetics Center is able to analyze any sign of infidelity on many different samples such as linens, undergarments, used bathroom tissues, hair samples and other types of clothing that might help in infidelity tracing. Knowing the source of such stains may be critical in determining the outcome of legal proceedings, including divorce.

If the article is large, a small clipping of the stain is sufficient to identify an infidelity suspect. If you would like to eliminate yourself as a possible source for DNA, Forensic Genetics Center asks to send with your shipment a mouth swab, sealed in a paper envelope which is clearly labeled. An additional sample (hair, chewing gum, cigarette butts, etc.) can be submitted from a potential infidelity suspect to compare with the findings from suspicious items.

Forensic Genetics Center can test any suspicious garment or object for $180.00 (to start our investigation) plus a price for the sample. Samples or objects to be tested are priced according to the table below. All results are reported in 7 business days upon receiving the samples.

Sample General Comments Packaging Comments

Additional Charge (Per Sample)*

Success Rate
Swab Sample Cheek swab samples collected directly from individuals Ship as Indicated on instructions $65.00 99%
Hair Roots or follicles must be attached. We need at least 4-6 hairs. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag $100.00 80%
Blood Stains Band Aids, tampons, bloody tissues Ship in paper envelope $100.00 80%
Semen Stain Condoms, undergarments, clothing, etc. Ship in paper envelope $100.00 95%
Chewing Gum Do not touch the gum with your fingers. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag $110.00 75%
Clothing Hats, baseball caps, underwear Ship in paper envelope $110.00 60%
Razors Place razor in a Zip-Lock bag Ship in paper envelope $110.00 60%
Toothbrush Air-dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutes. Ship in paper envelope $110.00 75%
Cigarette Butts 2-4 Cigarette butts Ship in paper envelope $110.00 75%
Envelope or Stamp 1-3 Envelopes or Stamps Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag $160.00 60%
Soda or Beer Bottles 1-2 Bottles Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag $160.00 75%

Note: * - All prices are subject to HST for Canadian residents.

For any additional information or assistance with your specific case, please contact us toll-free at 1-866-362-0577 or by email at

paternty DNA test Toronto
paternity DNA test toronto ontario
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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
 prenatal paternity DNA test toronto ontario
paternity DNA test toronto ontario

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