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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
paternity DNA test toronto ontario
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paternty DNA testing toronto
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FGC offers forensic DNA testing to aid in identification problems for the investigative and legal community worldwide. Our forensic centre functions as a second opinion option against other forensic laboratories used by law enforcement. We essentially, help our clients defend their clients. Our services are often used by criminal lawyers in the defence of their clients in court.

The Forensic Genetics Centre routinely analyzes biological samples that are old, degraded, and in small quantities collected during criminal investigations. Applications of forensic analytical tests are sexual assaults, child abuse, kidnapping, blackmail, assault, hit and run, breaking and entering, body identification, missing person identification, etc.

Our specialists at the Forensic Genetics Centre work with clients thoroughly from the beginning to the end of their particular cases. All aspects of private DNA diagnostic tests are kept completely confidential.



paternity test Toronto STEP 1. Initial Consultation (FREE)
At the initial consultation, our experts will help to figure out if DNA analysis is suitable for your particular case. If so, we look at how DNA testing can be effectively implemented to reach the desired outcome, which is a truthful defence of your client.

STEP 2. Case Review / Second Opinion
If you decide to utilize the full benefits of DNA testing in your case, then a more extensive case review needs to be conducted. At this point, our experts work side by side with our clients in order to improve their client's defense against the prosecution. All fees for this case review are conducted on a case-by-case basis.

STEP 3. DNA Testing / Explanation of Results
All results are submitted in the form of an official laboratory report with a detailed explanation of submitted samples, markers for DNA fingerprinting, and the final conclusions. The experts at the Forensic Genetics Centre will provide a full and detailed explanation of the results, as well as, suggestions on how the results can be most effectively implemented in your client's defence.

STEP 4. Court Implementation / Follow-up Consultation / Expert Witness
We, at the Forensic Genetics Centre, offer follow-up consultations after the completion of DNA testing. You can contact any of our experts with regards to any questions or concerns. Our specialists also have been active in many court cases serving as expert witnesses.



Criminal Lawyers
Many Defence Lawyers who specialize in criminal defence use the Forensic Genetics Centre for cases involving sexual assaults, child abuse, kidnapping, blackmail, assault, hit and run, breaking and entering, body identification, missing person identification, crime scene forensics, etc.

Family/Estate Lawyers DNA analysis can be used to trace family linkage through numerous generations in order to solve cases such as inheritance disputes.

Immigration Lawyers
DNA testing can be useful for immigration issues such as the genetic identification of family members.

Private Investigators
Private investigators use DNA testing for a wide array of cases such as infidelity issues, sex determination on certain samples, etc.

paternty DNA test Toronto
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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
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paternity DNA test toronto ontario

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