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Paternity DNA Testing Advanced DNA Technology
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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
paternity DNA test toronto ontario
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paternity DNA test Toronto

Paternity DNA Test

Legal Paternity DNA Test

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test

paternity test TorontoForensic Genetics Centre offers affortable and confidential DNA Paternity Tests. Fast and accurate paternity test results are returned in 5 business days. We provide support at every step of the process. Contact us via email or phone to discuss any questions you may have regarding you case.


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legal paternity test TorontoFor paternity testing for legal purposes, Forensic Genetics Centre can arrange sample collection appointments as well as prepare all the necessary paperwork for your test results to be used in the court or any legal applications. Results are reported in 5-7 business days depending on your case.


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non-invasive prenatal test on bloodPrenatal paternity test and baby gender test on maternal blood at 10 weeks of pregnancy. These tests are non invasive as they only require a blood sample from the mother. No stress on both mother and child during testing process. The mother's blood sample is collected at a local laboratory or hospital.


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Forensic DNA Test

Infidelity DNA Test

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Science Behind DNA Testing paternity test Toronto

forensic DNA test TorontoAs a privately-run laboratory, Forensic Genetics Centre can provide an unbiased opinion in many types of forensic cases involving suspect or victim identification. Call for a free consultation and to find out how forensic DNA testing could help your case specifically.

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cheating spouse, infidelity DNA test TorontoFor suspicions of a cheating spouse, Forensic Genetics Centre can provide irrefutable, genetic evidence to put your mind at rest. All infidelity DNA testing is strictly confidential and tests range from simple semen DNA detection to comparison of suspect DNA profiles.

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paternity DNA test Toronto
paternity DNA test toronto ontario
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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
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paternity DNA test toronto ontario

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